One of Daley Stritzke's first priorities after leaving jail in the middle of the year was to get back to tending to his vegetable garden.

Daley was sentenced for three months to the Capricornia Correctional Centre after drinking too much with mates on Australia Day and obstructing a fire officer, breaching his parole conditions.

He now uses gardening on a daily basis as one of his many therapies, which also include hiking, writing poetry, exercising and attending regular counselling, to help him deal with his long-term depression that stems from devastating childhood trauma.

The young Rockhampton resident was sexually abused as a teenager on multiple occasions by the father of one of the other cubs in his scout group.

It has taken Daley many years to find methods to be able to cope with the lasting damage.

Having a long-term commitment such a gardening helps him work through his issues and gives him time to reflect without any other interruptions.

Coming out of jail, he is now more focused on the positive things in his life and doesn't use drugs to deal with his anguish like he did in the past.

Daley admits that he's been shattered and broken, but has finally begun putting the pieces back together. 

Originally published on ABC Open and screened on ABC iView for ABC Mental As.

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